Below is a link to a PDF version of our Puppy Application.  If you would like to type your answers directly into the application please contact us at: and we will send the Microsoft Word version which you can type directly into.   


Click on the link below to go to the PDF version.  You will not be able to type your answers directly into it so please number your answers in an email to correspond to the questions. Email them back to us at: 

Please be sure to include your name, date, phone, city and email at the beginning of your answers.  Of course if you prefer you can print out the application and write your answers and scan and return it as an attachment.


Click here for PDF Application Template







We are proud members of the:

Collie Club of America
Collie Club of Washington
Overlake Collie Club
Collie Health Foundation


Click here for PDF Puppy Application
 (Or send us an email and we will send you a Microsoft Word version you can type your answers directly into.)


We are located in Issaquah, Washington (30 minutes east of Seattle)

Email:  (best way to reach us)

Phone:  (425) 445-5277 (please leave message if no answer)





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