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GCh SnoValley High Flyer



GCh Blu Ridge Make Way "Alex"
Collie Club of America 2013 BEST OF BREED
Judge Mrs. Gayle Kaye
Judge Mrs. Carole Stanley

Ch Belfair SnoValley Dream On "Stefanie"


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Benny recently qualified for the Collie Club of America Versatility Award!



















Group 3 from the Classes. 
From a large quality packed Herding Group at the Seattle Kennel Club.








Benny with Grandma Sophie




Benny and his littermates at 3 days old.







It became clear as Benny and his beautiful littermates were growing during those first several weeks, he was up for adventure.  He loved our tiny tunnel and didnít hesitate to run through it as a tiny ball of fuzz. As the pups were growing Gary and Heidi shared about Garyís dream to have a tri colored boy to work with in agility. Gary had gotten a taste of agility with his other tri boy Cooper (Benny's Dam's brother) from our Dreams Come True Litter, and got hooked.  We knew their other goal was to see Benny qualify for the CCA Versatility Award and eventually the Versatility Excellent Award. 

We are delighted to share over the span of two weekends recently Benny qualified for his Collie Club of America Versatility Award and the next weekend he finished his Grand Championship!

We are very proud of all of Gary Websterís efforts and training that have helped to guide Benny to his accomplishments. And thank you to the Benny team manager, Heidi Webster! Thank you both for working so well with us and for being so teachable, the cornerstone of finding success in this hobby.

We also want to praise Gary and Heidi for their staying power. It's not unusual for puppy people to say they'd like to show and do performance with their pups; but that's not easy. It's certainly not glamorous and the culmination of work and support it takes to get your dog ready for their 2 minutes in the ring with the judge in conformation, or the countless hours you put into training your dog in the performance activities so they are ready to compete, is daunting at best:-). It's not an easy road as Gary and Heidi can attest to! But they haven't given up when faced with the many challenges and disappointments they've encountered; they've kept walking in spite of them and now they can say they were instrumental in Benny achieving these honors!

Benny is a son of the beautiful GCh Blu Ridge Make Way, 2013 CCA BEST OF BREED, "Alex" and our beautiful Sophie daughter, Ch Belfair SnoValley Dream On, "Stefanie".

Benny will go on to continue training in nose-work, therapy and other performance areas.

Thank you to Joan Johnson for making it possible to take Stefanie to Alex and to Suzy Royds for the part she played in hosting him (and for Suzy's willingness to do all the running around involved in making that happen!)

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